Amatriciana box - Caciara

Bundle Title: bundle variant #1

Approx 8 portions.
We threw it in Caciara! This is what a Roman would say when instead to do something how it supposes to be, we make confusion!
Yes, we admit this is not amatriciana traditional, but we know also that amatriciana is one of the most popular dishes eaten in every family, and when something is so popular the variants are many!

Here we do a soffritto with onion to give a sweet base for our sauce, then guanciale is substituted by pancetta, that has a more meaty and salty taste, and instead pecorino we use Parmigiano to balance the flavour.

You don't have to do the 8 portions straight away. Pasta and tomatoes can be conserved on your pantry for a very long time. Parmigiano covered can be conserved on the fridge for a couple of weeks. Pancetta can be frozen (if you cut it already in cubes it would be ready to go in the pan for next time!)