Antipasto Bouquet


"A bouquet of Salami, Cured Meat and Cheese is the best way to win hearts"

This is a quote that a modern poet, who is passionate about food as much as we and our customers are, would say!

Nothing will go to waste with this gift! Romantic, original, funny, cute and unforgettable!


You can put together a romantic aperitif for your date, by adding a bottle of Prosecco, Aperol or red wine

Or if your loved one is far away, send her/him this bouquet of joy! We will assure you it will spark love at every bite!


The bouquet will arrive packed as the first picture and it will contain:

- Salami mild (approx 200g)
- Salami hot (approx 200g)
- Prosciutto di Parma 22 months Black Label (approx 200g)
- Pecorino Pepper Calcagno (approx 200g)
- Artisanal Breadstick Treccine