Bottarga di Muggine - Smeralda

60 g

60g (Approx). Fragrant, enveloping, distinctive. This is the authentic mullet bottarga from Sardinia, Italy. This special product belongs to the ancient history of Sardinia's beautiful island.

Add the luxury taste of the Mediterranean sea to your dishes. 
Spaghetti Alla Bottarga is one of the simple pasta and yet one of the most delicious, it can be used for risotto or to create lavish canapes and entrees. 

It is said that over 3,000 years ago, Phoenician seafarers arrived on the coasts of Sardinia island, bringing with them the art of preserving in brine and seasoning sacs of mullet roe.

Today, after careful selection and highly accurate manual and visual inspection, Smeralda offers only the very best quality roe, processed with care, one by one.