Bitter Aperitif Milano - Campari

700 g

Bright red in colour, Campari is the iconic Bitter liquor used as a mix in iconic Italian cocktail or as it is as "digestive". 

It has low alcohol content and a complex bittersweet taste, created with a secret blend of high-quality herbs and roots. The complete recipe, kept in a bank vault, is known only to the company's President who overseas weekly production. With worldwide annual sales now exceeding tens of millions bottles, this cautionary attitude is perhaps understandable. What is known is that it contains quinine, ginseng, orange peel, herbs and rhubarb that are steeped in a mixture of water and alcohol. The drink is then coloured with cochineal. It's typically served very cold without ice but with a dash of soda to release the flavours.

Mixed with soda and Prosecco for creating a version of the iconic Spritz, the cocktail aperitive by definition from the Veneto region. Or with Gin and Martini for a fabulous Negroni cocktail.

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