Cannoli Siciliani Shells Large - I.CO. Cialde


The world-famous Sicilian dessert with 3 simple moves: unpack, fill up and serve!
There is something about cannoli, the perfect balance between crunchy and creamy, between incredibly sweet and unexpectedly flavorsome, that makes them to die for, enchanting the taste buds from thousands of years!  

Did you know that cannoli are around since Ancient Romans times? The spicy legend says that they originated between 897 and 1901 AD in the city of Caltanissetta when it was under the Arab domain, Kalt-En-Issa means
 “women’s castle.” The town was known for the large number of harems it hosted. Cannoli born in that castle where the expert hands of women create this masterpiece adding a new Arabian ingredient unused in cooking until then: sugar! Later, under Christians, the harem castles turned in monasteries and concubines turned into nuns (yes! Nuns!). Luckily for us, the tradition was passed on and cannoli became the world-famous dessert.

The history of I.CO. Cialde is interwoven with artisanal ingredients, exclusive recipes, refined flavours and...a lot of technology. Founded in 1979 in Calitri, Avellino in Campania, the company specialises in the production of cones, cannoli, wafers, wafer decorations and semi-finished products for pastry and gelato shops.