Cantuccini with Almonds - Pan Ducale

100 g

For over fifty years, the cantuccini, are produced following an ancient family recipe, which preserves the flavors of the past.
The use of only the best natural ingredients, the careful processing (biscuits are first cooked, then cut and placed on trays, to be cooked again until they become crispy and golden), make cantucci an exclusive specialty. Prepared with simple and genuine ingredients, without the addition of preservatives or coloring agents. To be enjoyed according to tradition with a good glass of raisin wine or simply alone or with a cup of coffee.

Cantucci are the Biscotti (biscuit) by definition. Bis-cotti in Italian means twice-cooked and "cantucci" means little corners, because their shape

Biscotti were a staple of the eating routine of the Roman Legions. After the fall of the Roman Empire in 455 C.E, the nation was more than once sacked by the Visigoths, the Vandals, and others. The individuals gave a valiant effort to get by; there was no culinary improvement. Be that as it may, with the Renaissance, food additionally blossomed. Biscotti reappeared in Tuscany, credited to a Tuscan bread cook who served them with the nearby sweet wine. 

The Pan Ducale company was founded in 1967 by the entrepreneurial skills of Pasquale D’Amario, the founder, born in San Giacomo di Atri, in Abruzzo region in 1938. From this bar, in the heart of the city of Atri, that history begins: Signora Filomena, mother of Pasquale, jealously guarded the recipe of the Pan Ducale, a typical dessert of the city and whose origin dates back to 1352, the year the Dukes of Acquaviva arrived in Atri.

Pasquale D’Amario, with the help of his mother and his wife Maria Rosaria, skilled pastry chef, begins to make the dessert cake: it was kneaded it in the back room of the bar, cooked in the oven of the village and then sold in the bar wrapped by hand . Today pan Ducale are well known for their quality, innovation, with it the values and recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Pan Ducale products do not contain GMOs, additives, preservatives nor hydrogenated fats.