Extra Virgin Olive Oil Grezzo Unfiltered - Ranieri

500 g

Although the adjective "Il Grezzo" (raw/rough) does not do it justice, it is a truly superfine oil, which is placed in the bottle as it comes out of the mill.

Its characteristics are the opacity and the natural veil, elements that can create a little deposit on the bottom of the bottle: this does not mean the absolutely bad quality of the product or alteration of the taste, but integrity and naturalness of the oil given by the non have undergone any filtration.
In a certain sense, it is the representation of life itself: fruity, sometimes opaque, pungent and with a hint of complex bitterness!

The upside of this oil is its richness in flavours that goes well with the recipes when "a touch of extra virgin olive oil" will do an essential part, like for bruschetta, sourdough toast, caprese salad, grilled vegetables. 

Ranieri company is immersed in the green Umbrian hills that surround Città di Castello, the main center of the Upper Tiber Valley in northern Umbria.
For over 70 years they have been offering the most sought-after customers the typical products, the "ancient wisdom oiling them" and the goodness of their land.
They like to call themselves "olive oil lovers" since that for olive oil is an ancient passion handed down through four generations that originated in 1930 when the grandfather Domenico Ranieri with great will and skills embarked on the path of trade in oil.