Flatbread Pane Carasatu Traditional - Battaccone

250 g
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Pane Carasau (or Carasatu, Carasadu) is a thin crunchy flatbread of Sardinia made from the durum wheat flour, salt, yeast and water. 

It goes well with Caprese salad, cured meat, cheeses, pickles, dips and fish appetizers and it looks amazing on antipasto boards and breadbaskets. 

It is one of the food-symbols of Sardinian gastronomy: an original bread, even unique, whose origins are traced back, according to some studies, to the Nuragic era (1800 BC - 200 AD). Always present on the tables of the Sardinians, it has crossed the sea and today is known and appreciated in the rest of Italy and on international markets. Its characteristic crunchiness, delicate and refined taste, practical consumption and preservation make this wonderful food can be combined with any gastronomic tradition.

*PANE CARASATU TRADIZIONALE “GROSSO”: The sheets are thicker and if used in gastronomy they bind perfectly to any seasoning.