Flatbread Pane Carasatu (Carasau) - Giulio Bulloni

500 g

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(25 cm x 25 cm ). Pane Carasau (or Carasatu, Carasadu) is a thin crunchy flatbread of Sardinia made from the durum wheat flour, salt, yeast and water.

It goes well with Caprese salad, cured meat, cheeses, pickles, dips and fish appetizers and it looks amazing on antipasto boards and breadbaskets. 

The bread are originally from Barbagia and it can last for a year, becoming a typical meal for the shepherds who used to say many months far from their families. 

The name is derived from the Sardinian word “carasare,” meaning toast the bread. 
Its traces have been found in the archaeological excavation of Nuraghi, which proved the existence of these Italian bread prior to 1000 BC.

The traditional process to make this bread is really fascinating and it can still being seen around Sardinian villages. 
The bread looks very simple but the preparation has a very complex process divided into seven steps and the laborious process always requires three women to make it!
Separate the dough into three or four parts and roll them into very thin sheets, bake them in the traditional wood fire oven with the temperature of at least 450° C. 
The heat makes the sheet puffs up like a ball and later they are cut skilfully along the circumference into two pieces. Once divided, the sheets are again baked in the oven to obtain the crispiness, colour and flavour. 

From the heart of Sardinia, the Premiato Panificio Pane Carasatu Giulio Bulloni was born, which since 1970 has been offering us this ancient bread, also known as "Carta da Musica" "Music Paper".