Galletti Biscuits - Mulino Bianco

350 g

350g Traditional Pack - Shortbread biscuits with high-quality fresh milk!
Galletti (translated "cockerel") have such a simple taste because, thanks to the new recipe, they combine the lightness of a thin shortcrust pastry with 100% Italian fresh milk. With their delicate flavour, they melt gently in the mouth.

The quality of ingredients selected is the key to making this treat something healthy! Indeed Galletti fat ration is 65% less compared to the average of other brand biscuits! Strictly NO PALM OIL is used to make Molino Bianco products. 
On top of that, they are WITHOUT artificial flavours, colour additives, preservative additives, hydrogenated fats, GMO ingredients.

Mulino Bianco is Italy's favourite bakery. The sweet memory of every Italian childhood, comfort cuddle for every grown-up!