Grana Padano 14/18 Months D.O.P. - Boni

200 g
Qty: Approx. 200g

Approx 200g Wedge. Unique, unmistakable, incomparable. A touch of this cheese in your dishes is what you need to give the authentic Italian flavor. 

Did you know that Grana Padano is naturally lactose-free? That's right! The basic absence of lactose in Grana Padano D.O.P, a consequence of its natural production process as rigorously laid down in its official Specification Rules, means that people intolerant to lactose can assimilate it without problems, thus allowing them to benefit from the extraordinary nutritious content of the milk and the bioactive properties of cheese.

"Grana" due to its texture, "grana" means "grainy" in Italian. "Padano" from the production area in the "Pianura Padana" which is the Po River Valley in northern Italy.

Grana Padano D.O.P. is produced starting from cow raw milk that is milked twice per day. Milk collection takes place within 24 hours.
The basic feeding of the cows is green or preserved fodders, all obtained from farm crops or within the milk production area of ​​Grana Padano D.O.P

The company Boni SpA is the leader in Parmigiano Reggiano production and specializes in the seasoning of Grana Padano, cheeses with Protected Designation of Origin.