Yeast Starter Lievito Madre Molino - Spadoni

2 g

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A 100% natural product for those who want to add true flavor to sourdough bread, pizza, panettone and other long leavening preparations. The touch to make a difference.

Powdered sourdough is used in addition to brewer's yeast in the preparation of wheat-based bakery products such as bread and pizza, panettone and long leavening preparations. The natural fermentation and subsequent drying of this type of sourdough allow you to obtain a softer and easier to work the dough and develop an intense and pleasant fragrance in the product.

Molino Spadoni born 1921 on the historic mill of Coccolia, Ravenna, dating back to 1445, became the property of the Spadoni family. With three generations - first with Livio Spadoni, then Libero and today Leonardo - the mill began its evolution, implementing a policy of diversification and interpreting over time the new food styles and the needs of modern consumers.

Today Molino Spadoni is a beacon in the market of special flours and blends.