Marinated White Anchovies - Cucina Italiana

200 g

Marinated white anchovies, known as "alici marinate" in Italian, are a classic Italian appetiser. You can find this dish in almost any restaurant. Simple, healthy, tasty! These anchovies are perfect to create a savoury appetizer, bruschetta and salads. 

Did you know that anchovies are a superfood? They are a rich source of the B vitamins niacin, riboflavin and vitamin B-12. These vitamins play a vital role in energy production, neurological health, the formation of red blood cells, digestions and can help maintain healthy skin, nerves and vision.

Anchovies are so legendary that they actually have their own legend as they are been around since forever as seamen used to store them in barrel for their long trip. Legend has it that anchovies, in ancient times, were petulant stars. So obsessive that they annoyed the moon. God himself punished them by throwing them to the bottom of the sea,  however, they retained the silver colour of the stars, but they fell silent forever and became man's prey.