Nduja - De Palma

300 g

Spicy Spreadable Salami Nduja, Calabrian Style. 

Nduja is a soft, spreadable and spicy salami originating from Calabria in Southern Italy.
De Palma's nduja is one of our favourites, thanks to its rich flavour species and herbs, free-range pork fat, and ghost chilli pepper. This mix is then filled into natural casings and left to slowly and naturally cure.

nduja is perfect as it is, in a warm slice of sourdough bread, but it can be used in a varsity of dishes, on pizza, panini and piadina. Tossed with your pasta sauce or to enrich dips, meat sauces and soups. 

De Palma is a family-owned business where Salumi making runs through their DNA for 7 generations. Their passion brought them to have the finest cured meat in Australia, with the Italian passion for high-quality products and hard-working bones.