Organic Farfalle pasta Italian Flag - L'Antica Madia

250 g
$8.50 $10.50

Artisanal Pasta, 100% Organic that is not only delicious to eat but has a wonderful look. 

This Farfalle is made with Semolina Durum flour and coloured with Biologic beetroot and spinach powder. 

Pasta L’Antica Madia was born as a company in 2000 from the owners' great passion for the tradition of their land, Le Langhe. It is right here, in Diano d’Alba, a small town in the heart of the Langhe that this small family-run pasta factory is born, specializing in the production of dry pasta.
A family that has always been immersed in this activity, starting with the grandmothers in the 1930s who dedicated most of their days to the production of egg pasta - strictly by hand - establishing Sunday as a day of celebration in which to enjoy these delights in the family.
In recent years, Pasta L’Antica Madia has also specialized in the production of coloured pasta, without ever giving up the careful selection of exclusively natural raw materials. The colours of the coloured butterflies that are the masters especially in the foreign market are in fact obtained exclusively from the use of spices and natural flavours - spinach, red chard, chilli, squid ink, turmeric, tomato, lemon - so as not to give up those who want some colour and joy on the table to the authenticity of the product, which has always been the main feature of the products of this company.