Flat Pancetta - Puopolo

200 g
Cut: Thick Slices (Approx. 200g)

Approx 200g (Thick Slices.  ***available thin sliced on request)

The delicious key ingredient to create amazing dishes! Thick slices are perfect to be cut into pasta sauces, risotto, vegetable saute, etc. Thin slices for antipasto, sandwiches and roll up around vegetables or meat to create amazing meat roast and saltimbocca! This pancetta has an authentic balance of flavour and texture. Dry-cured whole pork belly, infused with classic herbs and spices, and aged for 40 days. 

Pancetta literally means ''little belly'' and is used to create the world-famous Amatriciana and Carbonara when Guanciale is not available. It's also added in Ragù Alla Bolognese sauce to give a smoky meat flavour to the sauce.

A mamma's trick is to keep in the freezer slices or strip of pancetta to have them always available.

 Pancetta is not often found in Australia, as per government restriction it cannot be imported. Luckily for us, the secret to making delicious cured meat traveled far many years ago with Vintangelo. When he migrated to Australia in the 1960s, he brought with him centuries-old recipes, unique to Southern Italy and the art of traditional food making. A legacy well transferred and not misplaced in his descendant’s hands who still run the family business Puopolo, in Victoria..