Pavesini Biscuits Original - Pavesi

200 g

Iconic Italian biscuits so good and soo simple that became a staple of every Italian family! Did you know that there is 2 kind of Italian people, the ones that make tiramisù with the classic Savoiardi and the ones that use Pavesini! They are actually good to use them for a variaty of dessert recepies.

Pavesini biscuits are so loved because their simple and healthy ingredients, as per advertise in iconic Italian advertise they are made with '"only three ingredients: sugar, flour and eggs!" 

It was 1937 when Mario Pavesi began making cookies in a small oven in Novara: they
were an instant success, so much so that in 1940 production turned to an industrial
scale in a plant measuring 3,000m2 that employed 20 people.
After the Second World War, some small biscuits with a unique shape and light structure were launched to provide energy without being heavy: these new biscuits, which in 1952 took the name of Pavesini, were registered as a dietetic food product, and to
underline their nutritional value Mario Pavesi turned to leading paediatricians and diet