Pecorino with Pepper Calcagno - Sifor

200 g
Qty: Approx. 200g

200g Wedge.
Calcagno Pecorino is an Italian handmade cheese prepared with ewe's milk and lamb rennet on small, originated from the island of Sardinia. Calcagno is a classic Pecorino with the sweetness and aroma influenced by the Mediterranean climate.

This Pecorino Calcagno has the addition of black peppercorns which give a typical taste and spice. It is aged only between December and May when milk has superior quality.

Accompaniments: Honey, 
Red Onion & Orange Peel Paste Assorti, Pear and Red Wine Paste Assorti, Lambrusco Wine Jelly Assorti. 
Pairing: Red Wines (Sangiovese, Chianti and Merlot) or Strong Ale beers.

Sifor was born in the hinterland around Palermo in 1989 from the experience of three generations of retailers who found ways to develop and enhance what nature had to offer, its very high-quality raw materials, from the splendid region of Sicily, rich in memories and passions.