Penne Emmer (Spelt), Lentils and Quinoa - Sgambaro

500 g

Genuine flavour, balanced nutrition! A cereal, a pulse, and a herbaceous plant: strength through unity! With the right amount of protein and a low glycaemic index, it brings excellent nutritional values to the table and a genuine natural taste, for a beautiful life on the go.
The richness of protein and variety of ingredients made the perfect pasta for the ones that play sport, without the need for antagonizing carbs!
Aldo the low glycaemic index which makes it particularly suitable for who has metabolic disorders (Diabetes, IBS, PCOS, etc).
Not even mention that is 100% organic!

Sgambaro is one of our favorite brands and it encompasses high quality in both its product and its values. All the wheat use is 100% Italian and on top of that, the factory in Veneto is powered with 100% green energy and also has adopted carbon-offsetting initiatives. <3