Piadina Box - Vale 46


(4 serves) Taste the best street food from Emilia Romagna! 
Here you can find everything you need to prepare the classic Piadina Flatbread with the most delicious filling: fresh-cut thin Prosciutto di Parma 22 months Black Label, Stracchino Cheese and Fresh Rocket.

Generally consumed by the beaches on the "Riviera romagnola" coast, or after a motorbike ride around on famous Italian hills, Piadina represents an iconic street food.
We called id VALE 46 as a tribute of the great Valentino Rossi, a Piadina fan like us! 

We proudly choose Piadina Queen because is an Italian company based in Northern Beaches in Sydney, that produces authentic hand made Piadina using the traditional recipe and passion. We are so lucky to have this product here in Australia, it allows us to enjoy the real flavour of Piadina, fresh-made without any preservatives affecting the taste!