Piadina Flat Bread - Piadina Queen

440 g

440g (4 serves) Piadina is a typical Italian flatbread from Romagna region.
Is the most popular street food in the North-East part of Italy. This particular style is the original from Ravenna, thick, crunchy outside and soft inside.

The simplicity of the ingredients makes the piadina a healthy lunch. Only flour water and oil are used, the rest of the ingredients is the love and passion to carry on traditional Italian street food.

Our favourite is with prosciutto rocket and stracchino (the classic one) or with speck and gorgonzola for a great savoury taste! Piadina is not only a quick and healthy lunch or snack, it is amazing also served as bread in an antipasto board!

We choose Piadina Queen because is an Italian company based in Northern Beaches in Sydney, that produces authentic hand made piadina using the traditional recipe and passion. We are so lucky to have this product here in Australia, it allows us to enjoy the real flavour of Piadina, fresh-made without any preservatives affecting the taste!