Prosciutto Parma DOP 22 Months Black Label Greci & Folzani

200 g

200g sliced. Approx $68 p/Kg.
This Prosciutto Crudo from Parma just melts in the mouth with his full fascinating tasting. Being aged for 22 months the texture is dry, firm and smooths. The aroma is strong powerful and heady. The flavor is light tasty with a perfect balance between salt and sweet. 
Perfect on top of any pizza, bread focaccia. Rolled in breadstick for a quick tasty appetizer. A star in the antipasto and cheeses board. 
Like in Italy is sliced as thin as possible, to enhance its quality and versatility. 

A product to be DOP must have 3 imperative qualities: origin, the ingredients and the method. 
This Prosciutto di Parma from Greci & Folzani has all of these quality thanks to this family company: since 1963 this family takes his place in the history of Parma Prosciutto, in Felino, a typical area of origin and production nearby Taro river, a region that has a special microclimate, ideal for aging the prosciutto and cured meat. thanks to the breeze that blows across the countryside originating from the nearby coast.
From that time, they hand down generation by generation their unique knowledge and heritage, that distinguishes itself by a perfect equilibrium between innovation and tradition, a pact that is renewed from over 50 years, a “Greci & Folzani Spa” trademark.
In the early '80, thanks to a strong investment policy, the complete modernization of our plant took place, which now extends over 7000 sqm, with a full range of equipment and high technology, able to preserve and respect a real traditional production process.