Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil Frantoio D'Orazio

250 g

One of the best Apulian cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with rosemary to capture all the essence and flavour of Mediterranean sea and land. Drizzle this fantastic oil on your favourite sourdough bread, create delicious bruschette or add the last perfect touch to your dishes.  

The story of D'Orazio takes us back to the ’30s when the ancient tradition of producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil inspired the family ancestor Francesco D’Orazio to lay the foundation of the company in Conversano, in the Southern Italy region of Apulia.

The love of the olives, the treasure of Apulia, always drove the family to strive for perfection.
Over the years, the oil mill has been renovated: new machinery has been recently installed to better enhance the fragrance and the goodness of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Frantoio D’Orazio only uses the olive varieties coming from the countryside surrounding Conversano and from the olive trees owned by the family itself: the natural mixture of these cultivars makes the olive oil unique and every dish a special experience of taste.

During the milling operation (when the olives are chopped), the visitors of the plant can witness the entire process and taste the freshly extracted olive oil and the products of Ciccio Dorazio selection.

The continuous research on raw materials, the enhancement of the locally harvested olive varieties and the fancy dress inspired by the local tiles shaped a treasure chest preserving His Majesty the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.