Saffron Stigmas - Triselecta

1 g

The most valuable spice in the world! From the tiny saffron crocus flower that produces only three threads, which must be picked and sorted by hand!
Saffron unique taste and its bright yellow colour is soo good that is the only ingredients of one of the famous recipe in Italy: risottto alla milanese. 
You can use it to flavour your delicate pasta sauces, like zucchini and prawns, pancetta and peas, or add it to your sauces for one-of-a-kind sides and canapes.
This might look a tiny box but it goes a long way, 10-12 threads are plenty for a portion!  

Italians always have a bit of saffron in their pantry, because only with this spice you can create gourmet recipes at your home! They consume so much saffron that the national production is 36 times inferior to the annual consumption of this ancient luxury spice! 

Triselecta is a Spanish company fully specialized in selecting, packing and distributing finest quality saffron all over the world.