Salami Cacciatore Mild - Puopolo

200 g

Approx 200g. 

Authentic in texture and taste, this small-sized salami has plenty of bites. Made from 100% Australian pork, coarsely cut, and married with an aromatic pepper and spice blend. 

This salami is so traditional that it's known to be around since before Romans, since Etruscan!  For thousands of years, Italians made this small shape salami so practical to be stored in the bags of "cacciatori" which means hunters.

As aged meat, the salami could travel far like Vintangelo. When he migrated to Australia in the 1960s, he brought with him centuries-old recipes, unique to Southern Italy and the art of traditional food making. A legacy well transferred and not misplaced in his descendant’s hands who still run the family business Puopolo, in Victoria.