Salami Casalingo - Borgo

200 g

Approx 200g. Casalingo means "home made" and this is exactly what this mild salami taste! Like the salami some family does, aging them hanging in their own cellar. 

With the first bite your mind will travel inside those cellar, with their typical smell. 

Borgo Salumi is Queensland’s oldest Italian-style smallgoods manufacturer.

The company started with the passion Ivo and Antonietta. Borgo's  family has been in the Salumi world for three generations...A lot of what we do honours over half a century of our family tradition - uncompromising quality at all times.

What we do is take a product, which has been made for generations, but use modern techniques. We have always made our salumi to look and taste like you would find in Italy.

I believe in never cutting corners and take great personal pride in our uncompromising high standard using traditional Italian techniques.