Salami Felino - Borgo

250 g
Size: Whole

1/3 Salami, 250g Approx. 

Felino salami is delicious, pure pork salami, created with only the finest, succulent hand-chosen pork cuts and infused with white wine and spices.

The delectable mixture is encased and hand-tied using traditional methods unique to the affluent region of the province of Parma. Felino's sweet, mouth-watering flavour and delicate aroma is achieved by the traditional 30-day aging process.  

Borgo Salumi is Queensland’s oldest Italian-style smallgoods manufacturer.

The company started with the passion of my parents Ivo and Antonietta Borgo, Salumi is what the Italians call smallgoods. Armed with his experience in a Melbourne smallgoods company, and the time-honoured salami making techniques, Ivo and his wife Antonietta opened their first butcher shop in Melbourne in 1958.