Sfogliatine Glassate - Lago

135 g

Coated with an exquisite glaze with a delicate apricot finish, these puff pastries are among the most popular and appreciated desserts in Italy. They are the ideal pastries for a sweet break during the day, perhaps together with a cup of hot tea, but also to eat alone at any time because they are able to satisfy even the finest palates.

Millefoglie means literally "thousands of layers" and Millefoglie D'Italia Glassate Matilde Vicenzi has 192 layers!
This biscuit is so traditional that you can surely find it in any nonna's pantry! 

50 years in the confectionery industry, born from the passion of an artisan. Gastone Lago founded Elledi company with his brother and his business partner Di Dato in 1968, and he had clear in mind from the very beginning to create an innovative confectionery company using his great artisan passion.