Truffle Sauce Black - Tartufi Jimmy

90 g

This sauce is a must-have for truffles lovers! This product proves that is not always necessary to make your wallet cry when is time to purchase truffles!

You have to know that almost all the sauces in the markets have only a little percentage of truffle on it, the major ingredients are indeed mushrooms. For this reason, is the quality of that percentage really makes the difference. This sauce is cleverly created thanks to the experience of one of the best truffles companies in Italy that selects the best truffles along with the mushrooms that absorb all the flavour creating a wonderful and affordable sauce.

You can use this sauce to flavour your risotto, pasta, polenta, meat, and of course, spread it on bread or canapes for a delicious appetizer. 

Tartufi Jimmy was born in an uncontaminated area, in Perugia, Abruzzo, where the natural ecosystem allows the development of the most valuable truffle species. Since 1980, the founder of the company, driven by a passion for this precious product, has created a purchasing and sales network by exporting it all over the world. Their truffles are a unique heritage for quality and variety, rich in flavor, not always easy to find, strongly representative of a specific territorial identity.