Vegetable Stock Cubes Dado - Divella

100 g
Full of flavours and with NO artificial colours or preservatives, No lactose, NO MSG. And with IODISED salt.

Vegetable stock is a must-have in your kitchen, to flavour your sauces, meat, fish, to add flavoured liquid to your recipes, to create a fantastic risotto or simple soups and minestrone, when you don't have 3 hours to spare to do your own broth. 

The "Mediterranean Passion" of Divella began in 1890. That year, founder Francesco Divella built the first flour production mill in Rutigliano, in the Apulia region. Divella was part of the cultural a historical change in consumer habits that Italy experience with the economic boom of the 1970s when families switch to pasta in the pack rather than homemade. Today the pasta factory produces about 1000 tons of dry pasta per day, 35 tons of fresh pasta, for over 150 pasta shapes to satisfy the most demanding tastes.